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Are you okay?

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

After reading many articles over the past year its easy to see why everyone is asking each other this question. We had many an interesting escapade over 2020 from falling down the stairs (yes that was me) to our little one falling onto his face and having to go to A&E in lockdown (an experience to say the least) to just trying to keep going -like everyone else- amidst all the political and scientific change! Nothing could have prepared us for this year.

More so than ever, I'm incredibly grateful for the continued support of my current tutoring clients and consultancy writing work throughout this year. With location being no barrier it has just opened up the opportunities for RSA Discovery like no other and I've been teaching so many different students

from across the country. I've particularly enjoyed getting creative with the curriculum and creating new ways to make the topic practical - something I'll be hopefully expanding on for younger years in 2021 so watch this space!

For anyone connected to a school, it has been a rough time of year, especially when hearing so many of my clients' bubbles and teachers within their school being affected by the virus. Students are naturally worried not only for their grades (and whether their exams will happen next year) but for their health and mental well-being which I am incredibly passionate about.

Here is a top list of ideas for your child to help them through this tricky time:

- Get them a mini book to write questions in. This time of year often means cover teachers for a lot of students so getting them to write questions to either ask when they come back or research for themselves will mean they are taking a more active approach.

- Stay connected with the key people who bring joy into your life and make you want to do better. They say your peers have one of the greatest influences over a child’s life so if they learn this skill early on, they will have a tribe to be part of. No greater tribe or badge of honour than being a child of 2020!

- Get organised. All the mini list of things that need doing whether that’s to organise notes into sections or plan out the revision so that your child is having a break at Christmas time (especially if they have mocks in January) is so important.

- Limit watching the news and social media after a certain point – definitely would recommend watching the ‘The Social Dilemma’ on Netflix as it explains this well!

These ideas can easily be used by anyone, to be honest. So as this time of year is often for reflection have you asked yourself this question of whether you are okay? What will you put in place for yourself as we go into 2021?

If your child would like support in their science studies for 2021, I cater for ages 6-19 across all three sciences and specialise in Biology for A-level for one to one and group sessions.

Do get in touch either through my Facebook page or via email

Written by Rupa Ahluwalia, Founder for RSA Discovery

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