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Science Tutoring

"I have learnt more in your lesson than I have done all year."

Year 11, GCSE student

"Oh that can't be the end of the lesson. I would like 22 more hours!"

Year 2, primary school student

"My son worked with Rupa throughout his A level. Rupa kind of got his learning style that he looked forward to his session with her every week. Rupa updated us re: what was taught every week, his progress and what to continue to work on. She worked at his pace but still covered all the syllabus. During the tuition, I saw my son's confidence and interest in science increased. The hard work put into it by both Rupa and my son pays off as he got great grades. I will definitely recommend RSA Discovery anytime any day. Thank you Rupa for contributing to my son's A level success. Thank you for your patience and hard work."

Kemi - Parent

"We had the great luck to discover Rupa at the beginning of the lockdown. Since then she has been teaching primary school science online to my 6 year old daughter, Alice. Alice has loved and been inspired by the lessons. She's kept up with every detail of the curriculum while increasingly learning to look at the world through scientific eyes. Rupa is an excellent teacher: confident, creative, playful, patient and professional. Each session (often involving physical experiments) is followed by a detailed and insightful report of Alice's progress. We can't recommend Rupa enough."

Anne Odling Smee - Parent

"Rupa is a really fantastic tutor.  She began tutoring my daughter in Science, focusing on Chemistry and Biology,  from Year 9 onwards.  She boosted my daughters confidence in both subjects and worked with her steadily until Year 11, plugging gaps in learning.  We’ve had numerous lockdowns in that time and Rupa was always so well prepared and engaging online – much more so than the basics you’d expect.  She could not have worked any harder and by being so approachable and upbeat, she really brought out the best in my daughter.  We don’t know the gcse grades yet, but there is no doubt that Rupa has made a huge difference."

Lydia  - Parent 

"Such an amazing teacher. She took into consideration the way my child learns which meant that my daughter picked up content twice as quick and we also say a major improvement in her grades at school."

Alexandria - Parent

"Lucy really enjoyed her time with Rupa. Very efficient."

Trudy - Parent

"She is a fantastic Tutor! Friendly and my Daughter likes her teaching pattern."


"I just want to say a big thank you for all the support you have provided for my teenage son. He has found your seasons really useful and interesting. You are well organised and inspiring in the sessions so thank you! Good luck with future students and thank you for the support you have provided."

Mum to a 14 year old boy   

"She's patient teaches at my daughters pace of learning. Rupa gives praise for good work completed. She covers a lot in her hour long tutoring sessions. My daughter is not only growing in confidence but enjoys her lessons."

Amrit - Parent

Subjects and ages catered for:

  • Biology, Chemistry and Physics - ages 6-13

  • GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics – ages 14 -16

  • A-level Biology – ages 16-19


For your tutoring session you will receive:


  • Fully qualified Science teacher with DBS check and over 10 years experience in Science Education.

  • Assessment of your child on the very first session to help plan subsequent lessons.

  • Tailored content specific to your child and this is planned one week in advance with your child.

  • Regular homework which suits your child so they feel it’s achievable and not feel overwhelmed.

  • Interactive practical's/demos where appropriate to bring the subject to life.

  • Duration can be between 1 - 1.5 hours depending on student needs.

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