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End goals

Wowee! Just like that we are in March. So there definitely has been a lot of change in the education world the past couple of months and we know that schools will be determining students' grades. So I thought I’d put together a few pointers to help those parents and students going through this minefield.

What if my child is in Year 6, Year 11 or 13?

This is so so tough for many students but particularly those who are on cusp of transitioning from one year to the next. It’s more important than ever to keep looking ahead and almost setting out a goal list of what your child wants to achieve in Science over the next 2-5 years. Having a goal to work towards whether that is to understand the basic equipment in a Science laboratory if transitioning to Year 7, having a quick read of the A-level specification of your child’s chosen subject or planning your child’s career and life choice’s post A-levels should inspire them with hope and confidence.

What if my child is feeling more anxious than ever and is finding it hard to revise?

Aim to revise for no more than 25minutes. After 25 minutes I know I need a little shuffle around so move away from the desk, make a cuppa or do some mindful drawing outside and come back knowing that your mind has had a good break (defo looking forward to more sunny days like my photo). The next 25minutes should be completely different to the first 25minutes so it could be looking at flashcards or recording your own voice (many of my tutees comment on how cringey this is …but it’s one to try if you’re an auditory person). Also try to keep the phone and news updates away whilst revising (again, hard I know) but this will help keep your child’s overall focus.

What does this mean for future students at secondary and even primary level studying Science?

We know from this past year that Science is needed more than ever but with everything going on its so hard to keep motivated and keep that spark alive of a love for Science. Keeping things simple and focussing on what your child loves to enjoy in Science is the key for when they are back in the classroom.

What services are currently on offer to help my child?

I am extremely limited on one-to-one slots currently, but as I want to help as many people as I can I am planning on launching a Years 7 and 8 online group. I firmly believe this age is so vital to enjoying Science and could determine how they view Science education for the rest of their education. The group will be capped at 5 students at a maximum and will take place online on Saturday mornings, 8.45-9.45am, with the anticipation to start after the summer holidays.

I also offer virtual primary school workshops and more details of this can be found in the ‘primary school workshops’ section.

We are nearly out of this phase of pandemic life (all fingers and toes crossed) and I hope our generation can become inspired by the amazing Science going on around them to one day enter the Science world themselves.

Do get in touch if you would like to get on my waiting list for one-to-one or group sessions or if you just need a chat about your child’s Science education 😊

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