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How do I keep calm and carry on?

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

So many of my GCSE and A-level Biology students' are really feeling the pressure right now! This time of year can feel so overwhelming and sometimes keeping that level head to 'be positive' and 'keep going' can be really hard, especially with everything that has gone on the past 2 years.

Putting myself in my students' shoes, I've put together a handy list of top tips that will hopefully help those kids that need it the most. Parents/carers you can send this directly to your child as I've aimed this as more of a 'take ownership' and decide for yourself what works approach :

  • Use lavender/essential oil (if not allergic) at night on a pillow or nearby for a good sleep and to calm the nervous system. Lavender is a particularly effective scent for relaxation - but of course anything similar will work too. You can carry around a small roller bottle of oil and use it when you need quick relief.

  • Learning to slow down and count your breaths can really help if you are unsure on an answer during the exams. For example, breathing for four seconds, holding for four and breathing out for four.

  • To use the function of ‘sleep/do not disturb’ mode on your phone so all the apps black/grey out by a certain time each night. I've only just discovered this and I wish I did this earlier.

  • To try practising some sort of stretch exercise couple times a week. Yoga with Adriene is good one (there are lots out there!)

  • Try practising a meditation in the mornings/evenings (whenever is easiest). Again lots out there so try out one that suits you best.

  • Try the Pomodoro Technique of 25 minutes on and 5 minutes off for your revision. This can be repeated for up to four times. In the longer break after these cycles try to get some form of fresh air to feel mentally balanced. So many students and teachers right now are getting Covid, so if going outside is not possible then opening a window can be just as effective to get that fresh oxygen to the brain!

I would love to hear if this has helped and if you are thinking your child might need more support in their Science Education journey do get in touch:

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