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How do I know if A-level Biology is for me?

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

There is so much uncertainty, anxiety and confusion at the moment that having to make the decision of choosing which A-level's to study can seem like a daunting decision. Having studied Biology at A-level and for my undergraduate degree subject, my main driver for learning Biology was the love of understanding plants and animals. I knew that 2 years down the line I wanted to study this at University so planning ahead and looking at what the university courses wanted in my A-levels meant that I was able to work backwards to make my decision.

It is hard though if your son or daughter is not sure what they would like to study after A-level’s especially when they are trying to revise for their GCSE's during these turbulent times. Here are a couple of questions your child could ask themselves when making that decision:

Have I enjoyed learning about Biology during my GCSE's?

This is the vital question any learner needs to ask themselves and this is a tricky one to answer especially as a lot of home learning has taken place recently. Ultimately the only way your child will succeed at anything in life is if they enjoy it. They should be the ones at this stage in their life making that choice on what they choose to study.

Is Biology easier than Chemistry and Physics A-level?

You may have heard that there is big leap from GCSE to A-level and this is certainly true for A-level Biology. Your child's main driver in choosing any A-level is will he/she enjoy studying it and how could it help them in 2023. Biology is not the easier subject and should be looked at as an option when making their choice.

What will I study if I take A-level Biology?

Just like at GCSE, A-level Biology specifications will differ slightly in terms of what you exactly need to cover. In general though, your child can expect to cover a wide range of topics, from biological molecules, cell structures and functions, to tissues, organs, biological systems, organisms and even ecosystems. It's worth asking your child's teacher to have a look at the specification chosen by the school to see if this content appeals to them.

How can Biology help my child in terms of skills?

Even if your child is not sure what they want to study beyond A-level's, Biology is such a fantastic subject and it provides a great grounding in analytical thinking, writing reports, team working and clear communication. Lab and fieldwork will be carried out across the 2 years and will support the theory learnt in the classroom as well utilising your child's maths and problem-solving techniques.

I hope this gives you an insight into some points to consider when your child makes those important choices. Do get in touch if you have any questions on this topic or would like to find out how I can support your child in their science education journey -

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